Preliminary results of the Afghan presidential election

Please find above the statement by the French Embassy after the announcement of the preliminary results of the Afghan presidential election.

We take note of the preliminary results of the presidential election.

The fact that this democratic process could take place in a difficult context is in itself a victory for the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan and its people. We commend the President and the Chief Executive for having imposed the election to take place this year, in conformity with the Constitution. We value the work of election management bodies, of civil society and of security forces in the organization of the process.

France’s position over the last months has consistently been to insist on the inalienable right of the Afghan people to choose its President by way of election. We have been supporting the electoral process from the beginning and we will continue to do so. It was right not to further postpone it and to organize it as smoothly as security conditions permitted. A free and fair election is the best testimony of the strength of the Afghan democracy. The Afghan people deserve the full respect of the Constitution, which is their war bounty. Implementing and preserving it is the best way to consolidate the rights and values it enshrines against the enemies of the Republic and of democracy.

The electoral process must now be completed. All complaints must be adjudicated by the Electoral Complaints Commission, in full respect of the latter’s competences, prerogatives and independence. The electoral law in all its provisions must be completely enforced. The votes of those who risked their lives to cast their ballot must be respected. As long as the law is fully respected, a low turn-out is not a cause for illegitimacy. The Afghan people are entitled to have a legitimate and credible process until its very end.

The electoral process is not, and has never been, incompatible with peace negotiations, on the contrary. A democratically elected president with a clear mandate from the people will have the necessary legitimacy to engage the Republic into inter-Afghan negotiations. The future president will have to bring together all Afghans and take an inclusive stance to bring a sustainable peace while building upon the achievements of the last 18 years and tackling vital issues, such as effective struggle against terrorism, narcotrafficking, poverty and corruption.

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Publié le 22/12/2019

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