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“I write books. I write about the violence of imposed silence, exile, division. I write about my father’s land which was colonized, badly treated even still today and cruelly deported, but all this I write in my mother’s language. This is how I can actually, through fiction, live as my father’s and mother’s daughter. I trace my Algerian roads in France.”
( L’arabe comme un chant secret, Bleu Autour, 2010.)

Leila Sebbar, author, novelist and essayist, has published an impressive number of books during the past 40 years. She does not speak Arabic, the maternal language of her Algerian father, but rather that of her French mother, and this has become a richly defining theme throughout her work.

Her writing reconnects fragments of memory, explores gender issues and recomposes the shards of exiled lives. Her work is a repeated attempt to sow back and bring together the two banks of the Mediterranean : France and the Maghreb. In addition to her personal writing, she has also published many works of a collective nature, bringing together different authors addressing such shared themes as colonial Algeria, growing up Jewish in Muslim Mediterranean, to name a few.

We would would to invite your participation in the special edition of CELAAN devoted to the work of Leila Sebbar, which we anticipate will be diverse and interdisciplinary. Your texts may be in English or French, from 10 to 12 pages double-spaced, MLA style, and must be received by us no later than March 1, 2014. Please send to : ikummer[at], guest editor.

Articles may deal with (but won’t be limited to) the following suggestions/themes :
the relationship to the Arabic language, the confrontation between Western and Eastern worlds, the Algerian war, the poetry of exile, History and memory, the “Other”, the mixing of cultures, women of the Maghreb in revolt, the role of images in some of Leila Sebbar’s work, the impact of Isabelle Eberhardt in Leila Sebbar’s work.

Publié le 07/08/2014

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